We are moving#Cafeen lukker

We have had our café open at the address: Frederiksgade 75, 8000 Århus C, now for eight years and we have experienced many things through this time. (You can listen to the message from Friday the 9'th of February 2018.)
Many people has given their lives to Jesus, has been healed from sickness, been taught the Word of God, set free from evil spirits etc., but the amount of guests coming to the cafe has become smaller in the latest time, and it does no longer make sense for us to keep it open every day.
Our rent has been too high and therefore we have decided to move our activities to Johannes and Joans place in Sabro. We will continue to meet every Friday evening at 7 pm, to faith building meetings.

The place at Frederiksgade has been emptied (16.-17. February) and we will now meet at Johannes and Joan Nørgaards address: Mødalvej 81, 8471 Sabro, every Friday, starting from the 23'rd of February - everybody are as always more than welcome.

You can still contact us by e-mail: or phone: +45 2048 6062.

Family GroupFamily Group

Earlier in we had group gatherings every Tuesday. It is now moved to be together with the meeting on Friday, where you can ask questions and the subject of the evening can be discussed.

A group gathering in which the sermon from the Friday meeting is resumed and dicussed. Here you will have the possibilty to ask deeper questions about the subject, to tell what you have experienced yourself and hear the testimonies of other people. It is the time for intercession concerning specific, personal needs and you can always talk with the group leader there.

The group members support each other as a family in the everyday and everybody cares for each other, help each other and are the friends of each other.

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What do you see?#Aarhus2017

WHAT DO YOU SEE when you look at the tiles on the streets of AARHUS City Centre? This is what we see and believe is true about our beloved city. Share the message that Jesus is Lord in Aarhus #Aarhus2017

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Easter party in The Kings PeopleEaster Party

Welcome to a very special evening in The Kings People. On the occasion of Easter, we will put the focus on that JESUS HAS WON YOUR FREEDOM.
All this and much more you're going to hear about when we, Saturday, April 15, 2017, welcomes you to a really nice evening. ...

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Notice that we are closed Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday.
See you on SATURDAY.

www.kongensfolk.dkWebmaster wanted (volunteer)

We are looking for someone who will give a helping hand to optimize our website

You will get to work with our graphic designer who created the current website. It's about making website more user-friendly and optimizing it in different ways.

You will get all the food you can eat, fellow, the Word of God and a lot of blessings ABSOLUTELY FREE. Unfortunately we can not offer a large amount of money, but in return you get a lot of other things :-)

If this is something for you, or you know someone who you can recommend, we look forward to hearing from you. Please share this post!

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Prayer in The Kings PeoplePrayer in The Kings People

Every Saturday
... we are praying for our country Denmark and for our city Aarhus. We pray every time for different things and subjects that are neccesary.

Do you want to join?
You are so much welcome to join us in praying and supporting the prayer for our country and city. Prayer has a mighty working power, so please come and pray with us every Saturday at 12 pm.

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The Year 2015 - movie

2015 was a good, exciting, challenging, funny and interesting year.
We are looking back on the events and thank God for everything He has done in the year 2015.

Here is a small movie about The Year 2015. And this is only a small part of what happened during the year :-) Enjoy.

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WorshipCome and worship Jesus every Friday

- and receive the Word of God - every Friday at 7pm
We gather here to worship God, who means everything to us. Everyday actual and relevant messages, which you can understand and use in your everyday life, are preached.
Intercession for sick people and other needs can also be a part of the meeting.
It is possible to support our work financially with voluntary gifts.

The meeting is on danish and everything is translated into english.

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Gods gift to youIf God exists, how come that ... ?

It is not God who destroys the world, but our sin and selfishness.

Jesus is the way to God and no one can come to God without receiving Jesus Christ as their saviour, who payed with his life for our sin. Trying to reach God through doing good deeds is not good enough. One single sin found in you is enough ...

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What God can do

31. October
Daniel Adams is preaching in The Kings People. God did a lot when they were in Denmark. God put a powerful and inspiring message on Daniels heart and you can see it here. Check also

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Read about how Jesus set them free, and how they found peace, joy and life again.


Here is where you can find teaching and challenging messages!


God has recieved you, but have you recieved Him?
If God exists, how come that ... ?