The Kings People

- The place where you can meet new friends, have fellowship, fun and get to know God and much more. There is always coffe, tea, fruit and other good things that you can get for free. You can also ask questions and get personal counselling and intercession.


We gather to worship God, who means everything to us. Actual and relevant messages, which you will be able to understand and use in your everyday life are preached. Intercession for sick people and other needs is also a part of it. It is possible to support our work financially with voluntary gifts.

The personal things

After the Friday meeting there is more time to ask deeper questions to the subject, tell what you have experienced yourself and hear the testimonies from other people. It is the time for intercession concerning specific, personal needs and you can always talk with the group leader there. The group members support each other as a family in the everyday and everybody cares for each other, help each other and are the friends of each other.


This is when we are praying for general topics, for the church, the city and our country. Wholeheartedness and commitment characterize the very powerfull prayer.


Without knowledge we will not know how to live. The teaching is there to strenghten you in your Christian life. It connects things, gives you an overwiev and teaches you about the secrets of the Kingdom og God. Here you are taught which power God gave you through Jesus Christ, where you are placed and who He is for you. The topics are very comprehensible and there are no taboos!


Jesus Christ is the King. He is the son of God and only king for all eternity.


Read about how Jesus set them free, and how they found peace, joy and life again.


See photos from various events that has been in The Kings People.